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Last updated: 2015-August 7, Friday

All meat is strictly glatt kosher (details upon request)

All plates served with pita bread, salad, hummus, and rice or fries (side of fries is $4.50/bag)


Combo Plates

Combo Salad with Falafel hummus, tahini, babaganoush, potato salad, cabbage, green salad $18.99
Shawarma chicken/onion
Shishlik two skewers of chicken / beef
$24.99 /27.99
Shishlik Lamb two skewers
Grilled Chicken Breast
Kabob (home made ground beef)
Hamburger freshly ground
Salmon Steak
New York Steak
Hot Dogs (3 chicken franks) $17.99
Tuna Salad $12.99
Schnitzel (fried chicken breast) $24.99
Special of the Day – Please call
for details


Sandwiches in Pita Bread

One Kabob
One Shishlik chicken / beef
$12.99 / 13.99
Two Hot Dogs
One Shishlik Lamb
Chicken Breast (grilled)
Schnitzel $13.99
Turkey Breast
Tuna $8.99
Fries (1 bag) $4.50
Hot dog (2 chicken franks with ketchup or mustard) $8.99 or 9.50 with hummus and tahini
Soup of the Day


Menu items and prices are subject to change and may not be up to date on this website. We would be glad to fax you a copy of the most recent menu & prices.

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